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Buy a used saddle: what to know?

Buying a used saddle is more profitable if you do not want to invest too many thousands of euros in new ones. Nevertheless, care must be taken not to purchase items of poor quality that are already depreciated and which can only be used once or twice. There is a minimum of things to know if you do not want to get screwed up by dishonest sellers. Here are the tips to follow.

Make a test series

The first thing to do before buying used saddles is to check if the seat is straight and the tree is not twisted. To do this, it must be placed on the ground or directly on a horse. Then, you should also check the padding as even a new saddle can have poor padding sometimes. In any case, this type of saddle will not allow the equilibrium and the comfort of the rider. This will cause a permanent discomfort. As for the stirrup knives, they must not move a hair, to test it, it is necessary to shoot very frankly. A very hard tree is also a sign of a bad saddle, so it is advisable to test its flexion by pulling on a tip. And if it is already broken, no need to test since this will immediately visible through the leather. The tourniquet and the arch should be absolutely fixed and the bands well hung.

Buy at the right place

Apart from these test series, one of the safest ways to have good quality used saddles is to buy directly in a saddlery. But not just any. Good saddlery will have to make examinations of their products before selling them. We can also ask the opinion of an experienced saddler who has the knowledge to know if the saddle is still usable or not. Avoid at all costs to take back saddles directly from your friends or other riders without first asking the opinion of a specialist. Finally, if the saddle is suitable, but it has smaller defects, it can always be attempted to have them repaired by a saddler.

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